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Project: D Veranda enclosure

Holds up under all weather

Grommetts lashed to bambu

Outdoor Sunbrella/like new after 7 + years

Project: M Zippered panels

Mesh Textoline + Stamoid

New panel to replace the old screening

Can change color or type of fabric

Each panel zips to 30 ga clear plastic (see below)

These panels are removeable

Air flows above, visibility in center but no wind and rain guard below

Mesh, upper/30 ga. clear plastic center/yellow sunbrella bottom

Project: S A panel using an Acrylic weave

Black Sunbrella edging/ Cane Wicker-Desert Acrylic mesh

Held to frame by Lift the Dot fasteners

Rolls up and snaps up

Strong, mildew and mold resistant Acrylic mesh