Enclosure By Design Photo Gallery

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Project: H Enclosed Bed

Top and bottom closed/zippered opening

Panel with Pockets

Panel with Pockets

Project: I Modular 10 x10 foot room

Openings for hammock

Velcro on sides to connect to other room with zippered panels making a 10 x 20 foot room

Copyright Judy VanderMaten

Can be pulled aside for activities

Project: J Barn enclosure

Stainless Steel fasteners

Industrial \"rings\" at top

Heavy chain inserted at bottom

Secured at sides with a tie.

Project: K Gazebo enclosure

Each panel may be zippered open and secured

Sunbrella 2\" facing around perimeter

Stainless Steel fastener

Attractive when rolled up

Curtains for privacy

Entrance pulled aside

Project: L Eating area

Pull aside curtains

Copyright Judy VanderMaten

Copyright Judy VanderMaten

Chain inserted at bottom

Optional: one side aside, one side down