Enclosure By Design Photo Gallery

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Project: A Library enclosure

Pulling up with a cord to any desirable height

Zippered in center


All panels pulled up

Another height

Made of Indoor Sunbrella

Project: B Loft Wall Enclosure

Center panels are zipped open or shut

Project: E Veranda Enclosure

Outdoor Sunbrella

Grommetts lashed to bambu

Project: F Curtains

Indoor Sunbrella

Plastic tubing inserted at bottom red edging.

Rolled up and snapped


Pulled up and tied for entrance

Project: N Shower Curtain

Tropical pattern w/ Sunbrella opposite side

Clear plastic rings on bambu

Project: Q Veranda Enclosure

Pulled to the side

Pulled together and zipped in center for a tight fit

Entrance secured with Stainless Steel fittings.